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ARC OEM Coatings
Exotic Alloy Performance at Lower Material Costs

ARC's Original Equipment Surface Treatments deliver monetizable value to OEM producers of process equipment including:

Centrifugal Pumps (Slurry & Chemical)Piping (Slurry & Chemical)
Impellers & BladesHydro Cyclones
Heat ExchangersTanks & Vessels (Linings)
Mixers & AgitatorsTransport Tanks & Rail Tanks


Chesterton's ARC Efficiency & Protective Coatingsgrew out of identified needs in process industries for coatings and linings designed to repair worn equipment damaged by chemical attack, aggression corrosion, and severe abrasion. Additionally, the emerging trend is preventative application of ARC solutions to upgrade new equipment, thereby protecting the original substrate and enhancing performance. 

ARC OEM capabilities include:

  • OEM Product Differentiation
  • Dedicated OEM Business Managers
  • Dedicated OEM Customer Service
  • Global Engineering Centers
  • Superior Production & Operations
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Chesterton-Owned Global Distribution
  • Lean Six Sigma Process Engineers
  • Application Training & Support

Contact the ARC team today to learn of material solution alternatives for the following:

ARC OEM Material Solution Alternatives AbrasionImpactCorrosionpHTemperature
ARC Logo Moderate to HighModerateHigh.1-12.5<300°F
Cast IronModerateModerateModerate6-9<450°F
HC 600HighHighModerate5-12<650°F
316 SSMildModerateHigh3-11<500°F
Butyl RubberModerateHighModerate1-11<160°F
Ceramic tileHighLowHigh.1-11<1000°F