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Engineering Capabilities

​On agreement, ARC Industrial Coating personnel collaborates with industry clients to develop solutions that enhance processes. By combining advanced engineering technology, materials development, and manufacturing expertise, ARC Industrial Coatings can help clients achieve  pro​ductivity gains that are meaningful to their bottomline.

Our specific strengths include:

  • Application-Specific Solutions
    A breadth of experience solving demanding challenges across a wide range of industries and applications: From small to large, ARC Industrial Coatings cover range of industry needs.

  • Engineer-to-Engineer Collaboration
    A strong emphasis on working closely with your company's engineering staff from product concept through development, and an efficient product development cycle that reduces time-to-market.

  • Unique Solutions for Difficult Environments
    Solving the most challenging process issues and identifying unique, in​tegrated solutions which draw upon multiple technologies. 

Call ARC Industrial Coatings today to arrange to discuss your demanding applications.