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About Us
​About ARC: A World of Protection

​ARC Industrial Coatings, a brand of the 135-year-old A. W. Chesterton Company, has achieved a nearly four-decade proven global track record of enhancing critical industrial equipment and structures. When metal or concrete surfaces are exposed to aggressive industrial application environments, ARC’s innovative, time-tested industrial coatings are an investment your company can count on. 

​Use ARC high performance coatings to:

  • Revitalize worn equipment and damaged concrete surfaces previously considered irreparable
  • Provide cost-effective, long-term corrosion prevention compared to exotic alloys and conventional coatings
  • Increase operational efficiency frequently resulting in higher sustained output
  • Mitigate the impact of abrasive-wear equipment and critical infrastructure, and
  • Extend the service life of new and  in-service equipment

Innovative Product Formulations to Withstand Extreme Conditions

ARC coatings are carefully engineered using the latest technologies and advanced material formulationsfrom ceramic bead reinforcement to nanotechnologyto withstand the most challenging environments. ARC's highly experienced engineering staff is constantly at work on new, innovative coating solutions to meet the needs of highly specific application environments.

Your organization benefits from:

  • 100% solids, low VOC protective coatings
  • Innovative reinforced product formulations
  • Robust testing in ARC’s state-of-the-industry lab
  • Regulatory compliance and expertise
  • Qualification to industry standards

Applications Expertise & Local Service

Backed by years of experience across a wide range of industries and applications, ARC’s industrial coatings experts provide the applications insight and local service your company needs to ensure success.

You’ll be supported by:

  • Knowledgeable Applications Experts who take the time to understand your requirements and provide recommendations for the best long-term solution
  • An extensive global network of Sales Specialists supported by local stocking distributors, in-field product managers, factory-based application engineering, and qualified applicators
  • Follow-up guidance for application and troubleshooting issues
  • Regular training programsincluding online webinars

ARC has a total solutions approach that responds to your organization’s needs no matter the location, scope, or challenge of the application. Contact us today to get started! ​