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  • Durable high performance coating
    • Dramatically outlasts conventional paints and coatings
  • 100% solids; no VOC's; no free isocyanates
    • Enhances safe use
    • No shrinkage on cure
  • Can be applied to dry or damp concrete
    • Saves time by allowing application under a variety of conditions
  • Surface Modified Mineral Reinforcements
    • Excellent resistance to permeation
  • Achieves strong adhesion to concrete
    • Resists delamination and provides long-term protection
  • Adhesion exceeds cohesive strength of concrete
Concrete tanks
​Sumps, drains and pits
Pump and equipment bases
Secondary containment
Process floor areas
​Water intakes and dams
Wastewater treatment​

Composition MatrixA modified epoxy resin reacted with polyamidoamine curing agent​​
​​Composit​ion ​Reinforcement​​​​​ (Proprietary)​​Blend of surface modified mineral reinforcements providing resistance to permeation and chemical attack
​​​Cured Density​​​​​1.3 gm/cc​81 lb/ cu.ft.
Tensile Adhe​​​​sion(ASTM D 4541)>35.1 kg/cm2 (>3.4 MPa) > >500 psi Concrete Failure​
Compressive Strength(ASTM D 695)680 kg/cm29,650 psi
Tensile Strength(ASTM D 638)240 kg/cm23,380 psi
Tensile Elongation​(ASTM D 638)4.7%
Flexural Strength​(ASTM D 790) 410 kg/cm25,800 psi
Flexural Modulus(ASTM D 790) 2.5 x 104 kg/cm2 3.5 x 105 psi
Thermal Compatibility to Concrete5 cycles/dry/< -10°C to 50°C (<14°F to 122°F)(ASTM D 884 Modified)Pass
Hardness Shore D(ASTM D 2240)87
Vertical Sag Resistance at 21°C (70°F) and 150µm (6 mils)No Sag
Maximum Temperature (Dependent on Service)Wet Service
Dry Service
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Product Datasheet - ARC CS2 (English) Datasheet - ARC CS2 (English)
Application Instructions - ARC CS2 (English) Instructions - ARC CS2 (English)
SDS (Part B) - ARC CS2 (English) (Part B) - ARC CS2 (English)
SDS (Part A) - ARC CS2 (English) (Part A) - ARC CS2 (English)

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ARC Case Study 063: Chemical Processing Industry - Secondary Containment Case Study 063: Chemical Processing Industry - Secondary Containment

Nominal, based on a 500 µm (20 mil) thickness

  • 16 liter kit covers 32 m2 (344 ft2)
    Note: Components are pre-measured and pre-weighed.
    Each kit includes mixing and application instructions and tools.

Available Colors

Light Gray​