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  • ​​​ Resistant to broad range of acids and caustics
    • Easy coating selection
  • Durable high performance coating
    • Longer life 
    • Outlasts conventional coatings
  • 100% solids; no VOCs; no free isocyanates
    • Enhances safe use
    • ​No Shrinkage on cure
  • Applies to dry or damp concrete
    • S​​​aves time
    • Enhances correct application
    • Versatile for a variety of conditions
  • Surface Modified Mineral Reinforcements
    • Excellent resistance to permeation
  • Adhesion exceeds cohesive strength of concrete
Chemical tanks
Sumps, drains and pits
Pump foundations
Secondary containment
Chemical process floors
Equipment bases
Neutralization tanks
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Nominal, based on a 500 µm (20 mil) thickness

  • 5 liter kit covers 10 m2 (107.6 ft2)
  • 16 liter kit covers 32 m2 (344 ft2)
    Note: Components are pre-measured and pre-weighed.
    Each kit includes mixing and application instructions.
    5 liter kits include tools.

Available Colors