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  • Strong, Tough, Durable
    • Enhances equipment service life
    • Reduces spare part inventory
    • Reduces downtime
  • Incorporates fine-graded sizes of reinforcements
    • Permeation resistant
    • Resistant to cold wall delamination​
    • Resists thermal-mechanical shock
    • Survives rapid decompression
  • Spark testable per NACE SP0188
    • Easy post application holiday inspection
  • High adhesive strength to metal
    • Provides long term protection
    • Eliminates under-film corrosion
  • 100% solids; no VOCs; no free isocyanates
    • Enhances Safe use
  • In-situ curing in service at elevated temperature
    • No post curing needed
Oil/water separators
Fans & housings
Desalting vessels
Oil/gas separators
Offshore equipment
Heat exchangers
Tanks and vessels
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Application Instructions - ARC HT-S (English) Instructions - ARC HT-S (English)
Product Datasheet - ARC HT-S (English) Datasheet - ARC HT-S (English)
SDS (Part A) - ARC HT-S (BLU, GY) (English) (Part A) - ARC HT-S (BLU, GY) (English)
SDS (Part B) - ARC HT-S (BLU, GY) (English) (Part B) - ARC HT-S (BLU, GY) (English)

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ARC Case Study 130 - Pulp & Paper - Deaereator Tank Case Study 130 - Pulp & Paper - Deaereator Tank

Nominal, based on a 375 µm (15 mil) thickness

  • 5 liter kit covers 13.3 m2 (143.1 ft2)
  • 16 liter kit covers 42.6 m2 (458 ft2)
    Note: Components are pre-measured and pre-weighed.
    Each kit includes mixing and application instructions.
    5 liter kits include tools.

Available Colors

Blue and Gray