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  • Urethane modified formulation
    • Resists repeated direct and reverse impact forces
    • Versatile and reliable 
  • 100% solids; no VOCs; no free isocyanates
    • Enhances safe use
  • Nested, easy to carry package design
    • Eases use in field or shop use
  • High ceramic loading level
    • Offers extended service in severe sliding abrasion exposures
    • Resists moderate to severe impact​​
Slurry pump cutwaters
Slurry pumps
Discharge plates
Vibrating screen decks
Slurry elbows
Pulverizer exhausters
Pumpline repair​
Rubber insert repair
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Nominal, based on a 6 mm (240 mil) thicknes​s

  • 20 kg kit covers 1.4 m2 (15 ft2)
    Contains nesting insert with Part B Curing agent on top, integrated with part A resin below, in a re-sealable, crimped container.
    Note: Components are pre-measured and pre-weighed. Each kit includes mixing and application instructions plus tools.

​Available Colors​