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  • High build capability
    • Allows for one coat application
    • ​Greater than 70% edge retention
    • Resists MIC attack
  • 100% solids
    • Low VOC's​
    • Low odor
  • High dielectric properties
    • Allows for high voltage spark testing per NACE SP0188
  • Amidoamine curative
    • Cures and bonds to damp and marginally prepared surfaces​
  • ​​ 2:1 mix ratio
    • Simplifies heated plural component spray applicaiton​
  • Fluorescent pigmentation visible under UV light source
    • Allows for in process QC​
Crude oil storage tanks
Wastewater clarifiers
Thickener tanks
Chemical storage tanks
Grit chambers
Wet wells/junction boxes
Cathodic protection systems

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ARC S1HB: Nominal, based on a 750 µm (30 mil) DFT

  • 1125 ml cartridge covers 1.5m(16.1 ft2)
  • 60 liter kit covers 80 m2 (850 ft2)
  • 600 liter kit covers 800 m2 (8500 ft2)
    Note: Each kit is comprised of two equal size units
    of Part A and one equal size unit of Part B

Available Colors

Light Gray