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  • Chemical resistant polymer matrix
    • Resists a broad spectrum of organic and inorganic acid
    • Resistant to cold wall delamination
  • Incorporates fine-graded sizes of ceramic reinforcements
    • Abrasion resistant
  • Toughened resin structure
    • Resists cracking and disbondment under thermal cycling conditions
    • Survives rapid decompression
  • Low mixed viscosity
    • Easy to apply by conventional airless spray
  • High dielectric resistivity
    • Allows user to inspect with high voltage spark testing per NACE SP0188
  • Cured films have low surface energy
    • Reduces particle attachment

Flue gas ducts
Gas/Gas heat exchangers
Reactor domes
Process tanks
Electrostatic precipitators
Bag filters
Storage tanks
Chimney stack liners

Composition MatrixAn epoxy novolac vinyl ester resin reacted with a catalyst
​​Composit​ion ​ReinforcementA proprietary blend of high density ceramic and glass flake reinforcements
​​​Cured Density​​​​​1.3 gm/cc81 lb/ cu.ft.
Compressive Strength(ASTM D 695)759 kg/cm2 (74.5 MPa)10,800 psi
Flexural Strength(ASTM D 790)513 kg/cm2 (50.3 MPa) 7,300 psi
Flexural Modulus(ASTM D 790)3.3 x 104 kg/cm2 (3.24 x 103 MPa)4.7 x 105 psi
​Taber Abrasion (H-18 wheel, 1kg load, 1000 cycles)​(ASTM D 4060)​278 mg
Tensile Elongation(ASTM D 638)2.37%
Pull-Off Adhesion(ASTM D 4541)260 kg/cm2 (25.5 MPa)3,700 psi
Impact Resistance (direct)(ASTM D 2794)2.26 N-m20 in-lbs.
Durometer Hardness Shore D(ASTM D 2240)85
Maximum Temperature (Dependent on service)
For intermittent exposures at higher temperatures, consult factory​
Wet Service
Dry Service
135°C (Water)
180°C (Continuous)
VOC (Part A and B) EPA 24
@ 110°C (230°F)
0.01 kg/l 0.09 lb/gal
​Shelf Life6 months transported and stored between 10°C (50°F) and 24°C (75°F)​ ​ ​
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Application Instructions: ARC S7 AR (English) Instructions: ARC S7 AR (English)
Product Datasheet: ARC S7 AR (English) Datasheet: ARC S7 AR (English)
SDS (Part A) - ARC S7 AR (English) (Part A) - ARC S7 AR (English)
SDS (Part B) - ARC CHP (English) (Part B) - ARC CHP (English)

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375 μm (15 mil) WFT yields 300 μm (12 mil) DFT

  • 14 liter kit covers 36.75 m2 (395.57 ft2)
  • For gaseous and condensing gas applications ARC S7 AR is recommended to be applied as a 2-coat system at 375 - 500 μm (15 - 20 mil) wft1 p​er coat. The recommended total dft2 is 650 -850 μm (25 - 30 mil)​​
  • For immersion applications it is recommended to use ARC S7 as a base coat, followed by ARC S7 AR as a top coat 
  • Note: Components are pre-measured​ and pre-weighed.
    Each kit includes mixing and application instructions.
  • 1 wft = wet film thickness
    2 dft = dry film thickness​
    Maintain transport temperature below 24°C (75°F)

Available Colors

Light Gray, Dark Gray