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  • Chemical resistant polymer matrix
  • Resists a broad spectrum of organic and inorganic acids ​
  • Resists high temperature immersion exposures​ ​
  • Incorporates high strength ceramic reinforcements​ ​
  • Permeation resistant​ ​
  • Abrasion resistant​ ​
  • Toughened resin structure​ ​
  • Resists cracking and disbondment under thermal cycling conditions​ ​
  • Resists rapid decompression​
Flue gas ducts
Process tanks
Agitator blades
Slurry pumps
Rubber lined reactor tanks
Quench zones
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Nominal, based on 3 mm (120 mils) thickness

  • 20.4 kg kit covers 2.5 m2 (27 ft2)
  • ARC T7 AR is recommended to be applied as a one coat system at minimum 3-4 mm
    (120 - 160 mils) total dry film thickness​​
  • Kit also includes ARC T7 AR VC (veil coat) for final coat smoothing
    Note: Components are pre-measured​ and pre-weighed.
    Each kit includes application instructions and tools.
  • Maintain transport temperature below 24°C (75°F)

Available Colors