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Industrial Project Applications Programs

​Project Applications Programs

ARC engineers understand that each significant equipment or process application has unique characteristics to be considered. ARC's total solutions approach may result in hands-on participation and support to ensure that your application or project is successfully executed. Correspondingly, ARC Industrial Coatings offers the following project applications programs:

  1. Engineering project support
  2. Qualified applicators program
  3. Turnkey project programs

Engineering Project Support

From specification, staging, and application to training, inspection, and quality assurance, qualified ARC personnel are prepared to: 

  • Participate in pre-bid meetings with qualified applicators
  • Generate detailed application specifications
  • Perform in field technical "troubleshooting" support
  • Conduct quality assurance inspections
  • Perform certified inspection services

Qualified Applicators Program

To get the best application possible, ARC relies on factory qualified applicators who meet established protective coatings industry standards and have been specifically trained in the application of ARC products. These selected applicators have proven track records of successfully operating specialized equipment and rigorously adhering to required industry standards for application success.

Turnkey Project Programs

ARC Industrial ​Coatings is strategically positioned to provide "turnkey" solutions for the most challenging applications and project by partnering with our global network of qualified applicators. 

ARC specialized areas of expertise include:

  • Barrier linings
  • Erosion resistance systems
  • Abrasion resistant overlayments
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant linings
  • Concrete protective coatings
  • Protective flooring systems

Contact ARC today and explore how we can meet your company's needs.​​